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Week 12 Pool Late News 2023; Pool Draws On Coupon

pools banker and draw late news

Pool draw this week 12; Week 12 pool late news, pool coupon draws and pool banker prediction 2023

Football pools late news, pools draws and pool banker prediction is a unique football pools prediction system developed by Mr. Fixed which uses past and present football results, analytic statistics and head-to-head records to determine the outcome of football matches which will end as a draw on coupon. Here we us up-to-date football pool draws system that supports and favours the football pool panel which means when a match is paneled, our prediction still stands.


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Prediction of the football pool draws are published every week Thursdays and its absolutely FREE. You need not subscribe nor pay an fee to view the football pool prediction. The football pool draw prediction comes in a brand new to category phases, high priority, and medium priority .


HIGH PRIORITY – has a broad chance of ending a draw;

MEDIUM PRIORITY – has an average chance of ending a draw.






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NOTE: This prediction is solely based on statistics of the teams, i.e. current form and head-to-head records. Using any of the above prediction is at your own risk. We reserve right to republish or alter the above predictions only twenty four hours before kick off, but we do not indulge in such act as just explained. See our Terms of Services for full details.

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