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Week 12 Weekend Pool Draws Discussion 2022: Post Other Games, Ask Questions, Interact

week 12 pool discussion room 2022


Week 12 Weekend Pool Draw Discussion Room 2022


Welcome to our football pools discussion and chat room for the UK 2022/2023 English football pools season.


Here you can post your any comment and it will expressly be approved as long as its not a spam nor abusive comment. Other relevant discussions, chat, exchange football pools ideals, your cannot draw (CND). You can post your winning lines, and carry out your pools exchange of idea here on this forum.


In this section/forum you can post any comment and it will be approved provided you don’t post any spam, abusive or advert related comment. It is necessary to keep the pool banker room focused in providing winning line for members and visitors. Thus, all conversation should be moved to this section or thread. You can post your comments here.



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Post your cannot draw “CND” to warn other members of the dangers associated with that particular number or digits. You can also carry out other conversation concerning comments in the one banker room asking him or her concerning his or her comment (post) in the one banker room, hopefully you get swift response in this thread. Carry out your conversation here, make friends and not enemies and let us all ensure to growth and success of our common quest which is winning our stake with profitable dividend.



On a final note, do not respond to any message that is not from the verified numbers of the administrator as published below on this website. Do not reply such spam and scam message.



Contact Admin. via text message (SMS) +2348151196619 ‘‘For Important Issues Only.’’ Please take note!



Weekend pool draws discussion and chat room 2022 – UK 2022/2023 Season





  1. Welcome to week12 Last wk11 banker xx8xx nap x2x8x13x19ff 3/4 pair 43ffp45ff this week my banker is XXX25XXX This season the firs purple was wk4 take 49 minus saturday date of play is a banker wk4 49-30=xx19xx wk8 49-27=xx22xx this week 49-24=XXX25XXX pannel or no pannel death game is death game and draw game is draw game nap cames on thursday thak you sir Admin over to you

  2. I’ve checked in and out of both banker room and discussion room, no body dropped number x9x. For that reason I drop number x9x as my sure 1 banker. Draw dey hide him face. No be everybody dey see draw. Draw dey always be like dead game, until result show. Then number x6x is another hot cake.
    Prove. Go to week 11 last season, you will see Birmingham at number 17 away to fail. 8weeks later, week 19, Wales enter number 17 home to fail.
    Fast-forward to week 4, Birmingham x6x away draw, 8 weeks later, week 12. Wales enters 6 home, to draw. Mark X6X as full-time draw.

  3. Greetings and welcome you to wk12 2022. Nap 6,14,45 as 3over3 this wk. Prove is a picture focast from the front page of bob morton of rolling ball bring this nap,thanx admin pls post

  4. Week7 red.
    Swindon 3 0 Rochdale home win
    Week8 purple.
    Swindon 1 1 Stockport score draw.
    Rochdale 1 1 Crawley score draw.
    Week11 red.
    Northampton 3 0 Rochdale home win.
    Week12 purple.
    Northampton vs Stockport
    Colchester vs Rochdale
    xxxx 22 xxxx pair xxxx 28 xxxx
    If you understand my proof make useful of that unbeatable pair.
    Congratulations if you see this
    (SOURCE OF INCOME) is my name
    Draws must continue to be fixed till date,

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